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Redneck Yacht Club debuted on country radio in the summer of 2005 and quickly began to move up the charts, becoming the anthem of the swimming/ grilling/ fishing season for rednecks everywhere.  It peaked at #1 on the Radio and Records country chart and #2 on Billboard magazine's country singles chart.  It also became one of the most downloaded songs of the season in all genres.

Interview with Steve Williams
Steve Williams and Thom Shepherd co-wrote the #1 song, Redneck Yacht Club that went to the top of the charts for Craig Morgan. Below is an interview with Steve Williams.
Doak – When did you write the song, Red Neck Yacht Club and what inspired it?
Steve - Redneck Yacht Club was written in June 2003. Inspired by my wife Terri and I spending a lot of time out on Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. I 'd had the idea written down for about 6 months. I had told her about it. One day she said, who are you writing with today? When I told her Thom Shepherd she said, why don't you write that Redneck Yacht Club idea with him? I said yeah, he'd be great! Well I asked Thom, what about an idea called Redneck Yacht Club? He said, nah... but then we started spittin' out lines like take your Johnson, your Mercury or your Evinrude and fire it up, and before too long we said, nobody will probably cut this (pre Redneck Woman) but lets write it anyway!
Doak – What did your publisher’s think of the song and did you have to re-write the song?
Steve - We made a work tape and played it for Thom’s (Shepherd) publishers Mosaic. Our original second verse said, Bermudas, black socks and a tank top tan, he popped his first top at ten am that's Bob, with the hairy back. He's checkin' out the girls on the upper deck rubbin' in the 15 spf it's hot, he's bound to have a heart attack... Well they suggested we change the hairy back thing. We struggled to come up with a replacement line up until the time we demoed the song. We made Bob the president. We pitched the song around town.
Doak – How did the song get to Craig Morgan? What kind of timeline did it take for the song to get heard and then on the radio?
Steve - I was playing with Sherrie' Austin (BBR records)at the time. The label had booked a Radio tour for label mates Craig and Sherrie' for January and February 2004. We toured the east and west coasts and we all hopped on Craig’s bus. Craig and Phil Odonell, his producer /guitarist were listening to songs for his new record. I put about 5 songs on a CD and he liked 3 of them. Only one stuck! The label called soon after to put it on hold. I believe they cut the song in September 2004 and as we all know the first single was “That's what I love about Sunday”. Needless to say we would wait a long time before we found out our song, Red Neck Yacht Club was going to be a single.
Doak – What have you heard from people about the song and what did you do when you heard the song on the radio?
Steve - We've had so many people come up and say, that's our song, we sing it every weekend! Did you write that about party cove at the Lake of the Ozarks, or Lake Lanier? Everyone who's ever boated before connects with it. Thom Shepherd, my co-writer has had songs on the radio before (Riding with Private Malone #1 for David Ball) but this is my 1st single and my wife and I have been acting like little kids all this last summer. We'd get in the car and turn on the radio and yell there it is! Turn it up!
Doak - Do you have merchandise for Red Neck Yacht Club and where is it available?
We have Redneck Yacht Club merchandise available at . We feel very blessed and it's been a wild ride.
Doak – Steve – continued success and more #1’s in your future!
Doak Turner is a songwriter living in Nashville. He owns the site and publishes the weekly Nashville Muse, which is sent to 10,000+ songwriters and music industry pros as well as promotion and production of songwriting seminars.

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