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  George Britt
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There’s a new voice in country music coming out of West Georgia. One with echoes of the greats, but unique because of the life experiences of George Britt. Combining his favorites from traditional and contemporary country music, along with his own original songs, George Britt has created quite a following with his own blend of country. Along with his band, Another Shot, George has won over audiences, performing throughout the southeast at festivals, concerts, clubs, benefits, television appearances, and parties. His music, his voice, his sound connects with people, because he has lived it. It’s real life.
George was born in Carrollton Georgia but spent most of his childhood and teen aged years working with His father on the road. His daddy was a well digger, and his mama was a homemaker. His daddy learned the 
Trade of digging, and cleaning wells by hand from his daddy, who learned it from his daddy. The backbreaking work was passed on down to George, and his older brother. The phrase ‘dirt poor’ held and especially ironic meaning to someone who lowered themselves into the ground daily to try and earn a living and help support a family of seven. George’s daddy also picked up another trade. Building and installing cabinets, and again passed that on to the boys. But it didn’t get them out of the poorhouse, and for much of his childhood, the family lived in a Goldkist chicken hauling bus they converted into a camper. Traveling like gypsies throughout the Southeast, with barely enough gas to get where they were going. George picked on an old guitar he saved up for, and learned the songs of favorites like Conway Twitty, George Jones and Charley Pride, dreaming of one day following in their footsteps.
His hard work, and life experiences paid off, and led him to become a successful owner of his own cabinet business, and create a home foe him, and his family, back in Carroll County, Ga. With the success of having his feet firmly planted in the Georgia red clay, he felt he was given the freedom to pursue his dreams and passions. It would seem like a natural choice, for a former well digger to turn to the sky, build his own runway, and experimental airplane. And that is just what George did, becoming and avid member of the flying community in West Georgia along the way. And even more natural is his drive to share his life story, and his honest, hard working man philosophy with others through songwriting, and performing.
George’s natural talent, and easy going personality helped him connect with talented local, and Nashville songwriters, Don McWhorter, Mark Lyle, and Frankie Lackey, who encouraged him to craft a string of songs straight out of his life. He introduced himself to listeners throughout the Southeast with his debut CD “George Britt-Another Shot”. With songs like the autobiographical “Honest Man”, about his father, and the hilarious novelty song “Go brain Go’, about a visit to hooters with his wife. George found himself creating a strong following with folks ranging from Vietnam Veteran Marines to the thousands of shoppers at the local flea market every weekend.
His latest song, “A Hole in the Bottom with No Bottom in the Hole”, was selected by the Nashville Songwriters’ Association International board, from all member submitted songs, for presentation to music publishers, and was his featured song at an April performance at The Bluebird café.  His other latest effort, “Cans on the Side of the Road”, is his reminder to himself, and to others, that the eyes aren’t solely capable of sizing up another person. There’s a life story hidden behind that exterior. That’s what drives him to write his songs, and to sing them with every given opportunity, to hopefully inspire others to remember that when you start  out on the bottom, you don’t get nowhere by holding down your head. George Britt definitely has his eyes set on a course straight ahead, led by a heart, and soul with a rich past, in pursuit of  his dreams.
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