Why do I need a Booking Agent?

Over the years I have performed all over the country in just about all types of environments, from Private parties to Major Concert Halls. No matter how professional or how amateur you are as a performer, one thing sadly stands true. People are not always honest.

No matter how well you know someone, communication can fail and you could loose money on your gig. Most local artist or bands work with in there own community and may know the reputation of who you are dealing with. If you think that this is reason enough to not be represented, you are dead wrong.

A working Artist or Band has a need representation as much as the Major Artist. I will tell you why.

Let’s say you are a local performer with a bit of a reputation. Your uncle has a friend that just opened a club and is looking for entertainment. In most cases your band leader or front man will make the call. The loaded question comes from the club owner. How much will it cost me?

Do you think Tim McGraw quotes his own performance rates? No. Why is that you ask. For one, an artist is usually too modest. And always under prices themselves.

Two, an Artist can get all boggled down in the technicalities. This leaves them with less time to work on there craft of performing and writing. You might say, I do not have a busy tour schedule. All it will take is for you to get burned one time and a booking agent will be your best friend.

Let’s talk about private parties, they are the worst. People that hire you know nothing about the music business. They will expect you to set up in wet grass, mud or on a back deck with no cover. If you are lucky you will make a hundred dollars. After the rain cloud comes up or the sun scorches you and your gear, you now have an appointment with your music store to spend three hundred dollars on repairs.



A good booking agent can make sure these sorts of things do not happen. If you are going to perform for a measly hundred bucks, at least the client can make you comfortable and protect your equipment with a proper stage and cover.

Club gigs. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard performers complain about not getting paid after a gig. Let me guess. The owner said he did not make enough at the door to cover you. You have nothing to fall back on because you did not have a contract. How about this one: a friend of mine was booked at a club in Alabama. They told him he could not sale his merchandise. (CD’s, T-Shirts, Hats) He had a contract on the money but it did not state he could sale merchandise and keep 100% of the proceeds.

I have worked with some of the nation’s top musicians because they know when they work with me the money has been negotiated and it is guaranteed. So weather you are a local garage band making a name for yourself or a national act, J. & P. Productions can help you stay protected and get you the rates you deserve. Are you not tired of it costing you to perform?

J. & P. Productions will negotiate the amount to make sure your expenses are covered and enough for you to put in your pocket. We will secure a contract in that regard to include all your technical needs, stage requirements and promotional arrangements. Protect your copyrights and performance rights.

It puts you on a higher level when you tell a potential client, Talk to my agent! It takes the monkey off your back.






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